Sorel Creamery
(19?? - 1962)
" C. Salvail "

In 1962, Sorel Creamery Inc. with A. Fournier as the owner, was bought by Fort-Richelieu Coop.

In 1974, Richelieu Creamery Inc. with Duhaime brothers as the owners, merged to Fort-Richelieu Coop.

Then, in 1976, Fort-Richelieu Coop. was bought by Chalifoux Dairy, making this one the only one in the Sorel area. -

Information : Roger Duhaime


Sorel Creamery was probably at the origin of the Sorel Dairy ?
(Same phone number on all caps!)


Embossed quart - André Daunais


Red quart and 42mm cap - Paul Conner
Pint - Laurier Fluet


1st  42mm cap - J. G. Comtois

2nd 42mm caps - André Daunais 
3rd 42mm caps - Pierre St-Amand 
4th-5th  42mm cap - Paul Conner


First 42mm caps - André Daunais

Last two 42mm caps - Paul Conner

Advertising pencils - Bruno Desjardins

1950 Advertising calendar - Robert Benoît

Address : 186 Provost Street Sorel

Advertising Thermometerr - Steve Lussier


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