Chalifoux Creamery-Dairy
(1920... )

Patch - Paul Conner

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28mm caps - Paul Conner

42mm caps - Paul Conner

42mm cap - J. G. Comtois

 42mm cap Laurier Fluet

42mm caps - André Daunais

Aluminum caps - Raynald Campeau
Last aluminum cap - Paul Conner

Tokens   - J. G. Comtois
Two addresses : 601 Fiset and 501 Royal

 milk bottle winter box - André Daunais


In 1920, Napoleon Chalifoux, owner of a dairy farm, saw to settle in the area of Sorel a shipyard and steel-works. He becames their milk supplier, which he delivered by horse-drawn carriage.

In the 40's, the actual president, Jean-Pierre Chalifoux was alone on the farm with his father, Jean-Paul (the son of Napoléon) to bottle the milk and make the deliveries by horse-drawn carriage. Later, Jean-Paul was called for military service, but was granted an exemption because he was a farmer's son.

Along the years, the small business was expanded and improved. In 1945, a pasteurization permit was obtained, and the business then counted 3 delivery routes. The biggest growth took place in 1976. When " Coop. Fort-Richelieu " was acquired, it made Chalifoux Dairy  the only dairy in the area.

Today, the dairy has a large fleet of trucks that makes possible the delivery of a vast line of the most diversified products available on the market.

2009 paper cut sent by Gilles Legault

1961 advertising calendar 6 X 10.5 - Robert Benoït


1976 advertising calendar - André Daunais
1981 advertising calendar - Robert Benoït

Advertising milk wagon for the 50th anniversary (1920 - 1970)

Chalifoux dairy milkman hat - André Daunais

Creamer lids - Claude Pelletier

Creamer lids - Steve Lussier

Butter cup lid - Claude Pelletier

Cheese plastic bag and advertising pin - Denis Morin

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