Fort-Richelieu Coop. Dairy

(1961 - 1976)


1962, Sorel Creamery Inc. with A. Fournier as the owner, was bought by Fort-Richelieu Coop.
1974, Richelieu Creamery Inc. with Duhaime brothers as the owners, murged with Fort-Richelieu Coop.
1976, Fort-Richelieu Coop. was acquired by Chalifoux Dairy making it the only Dairy in the Sorel area.

Information : Roger Duhaime


1 Litre carton   - Paul Conner




Modern creamer lid
Robert Benoît

Aluminum caps - Paul Conner

First two tokens - Paul Conner
Last one - Danny Currie

Calendrier 1964 6 X 12 - Simon Lefebvre

Product list card  - Pierre Brouilette


Carte d'arret  - Claude Ethier

Insulated winter milk box (4 quarts)

Plastic 3 quarts milk bag - Paul Conner

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