Dominion Dairy
(1926 - 1971)

First quart (writing on back) and pint - Steve Lussier
Second quart (no writing on back) - Denis Morin
Half pint - Danny Currie

"Pick" sent by Michel Lauzon

Picks are dating in years 1920's. They were used tu lift caps from bottles when caps had no tongues. They were promotional item for dairies. After, tongues on caps were patented, picks were of no use !

Source: Robert Benoît, collector

In Montreal, Dominion Dairy exists since 1926.
Three adresses are given; maybe they moved or they opened new sale points.


1. 4166, Parthenais. Tel. Amhurst 2277
2. 7460, Upper Lachine Road. Tel. Dexter 8401
3. 7470, St-Jacques. 484-8401

Twenty years in what must have been an ideal location. Numerous dairies occupied these addresses 4164 and 4166 Parthenais street which was a corner lot with Rachel street as the cross street. The occupants of this location were as follows, taken completely from "Lovell's Montreal Guides".

4164 Pathenais 1928 to 1934 Laiterie Dominion Ltee.
1935 to 1938 Roland Tremblay
  1939 Laiterie Tremblay Ltee.
  1940 to 1941 Syndicat Co-operative
Des Produceurs De Lait De Sabrevois
4166 Parthenais 1940 to 1943 La Laiterie Canadienne Ltee.
4164 and 4166 Parthenais 1942 to 1947 Orbis Dairy Products Ltd.

Searches : Dale Peacock collector!

"La Patrie" January 1975 - Marcel Bernier

Don't get mixed with "Dominion Dairies Limited" which comes from several acquisitions
and reorganisations made by "Eastern Dairies" in 1943.

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