Lemay Dairy
(1948 - 19??)
" Roméo Lemay Prop."

Embossed quart - Thelma Lang
Red quart - Robert Benoît
Pint - Laurier Fluet

Picture - Robert Benoît

Aluminum caps - Pierre St-Amand

Aluminum, 42 and 38mm caps - Paul Conner

Aluminum cap and Dairy coupons - Danny Currie

Dairy coupons - Danny Currie
(Gaston Hotte was delivering milk for Lemay Dairy)

First two 42mm caps - Robert Benoît
Last two 42mm caps - Dale Peacock


On June 20 1940, Mr. Romeo Lemay began selling the milk derived from his farm in Brownsburg. On June 1st, 1948 he purchased the "Adrien Lacasse Dairy" and founded the "Laiterie Lemay Dairy".

His son Paul-Émile buys the dairy business on August 1st, 1957. Bottling was done through the dairy situated at 518 Des Erables but due to rising costs, this operation ceased and they were supplied by "Saint-Jérôme Creamery". Céline, daughter of Paul-Émile joins the enterprise on February 25th, 1986 and eventually buys the dairy.

Source: Paul-Émile Lemay, Brownsburg (Quebec Dairy tokens book p.22)

Dairy invoice - Robert Benoît

Fernand Ouellette advertising ashtray
(Fernand Ouellette 355 Grace, Lachute
was probably working for the Lemay Dairy)

Jacques Monette advertising plastic cap
(Mr. Monette was milkman for the Lemay Dairy)
Ashtray and cap - Danny Currie

Plastic milk bag - Jacques Fauvelle

Plastic and wooded crate - Danny Currie

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