Victo Dairy Inc.
(1966 - 1987)

Photo - Denis Morin

First two 34mm caps - Paul Conner
Next two 34mm caps - Robert Benoît

First 34mm cap - Dale Peacock
Second and third 34mm cap - Denis Morin
Last 34mm cap - André Daunais

Advertising ruler - Paul Conner

Advertising ashtray - Robert Benoît

Uniform patch - Denis Morin

Dairy crates - Denis Morin

Milk boxes - Denis Morin

Dairy tokens - André Daunais

Dairy tokens - Denis Morin

Order sheet - Denis Morin

Victo milkman cap - Denis Morin

Invoice book
Denis Morin

Window milk card - Denis Morin

Butter parchment wrapper - Paul Conner

Bags for juices - Denis Morin

Advertising calendars - Denis Morin


In 1966, "Bois-Francs Creamery" and "Plessis Dairy, (Vigneault & Frères)" merged so they became strong enough to acquire the "Victoriaville Creamery" that will become the "Victo Dairy".

Agropur (1987-1990)

In novembre 1987, Victo Creamery is sold to Agropur.

Natrel inc. (1990-1992)

April 1990, Agropur sells to Natrel and in july 1992, Natrel sells the property to Construction Jacques inc. Construction Jacques inc. proceded to the demolition of the buildings to make a residential complex, corner Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint-Zéphirin.

Demolition pictures - Denis Morin

Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint-Zéphirin (may 2003)

Photo (2003) and searches : Mr. Denis St-Pierre.
From the book he published in 2004 « Les débuts industriels de Victoriaville 1853-1906 ».

Advertising card - Denis Morin

Creamer lids - Claude Pelletier

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