Maurice & Marcel Roy

(1928 - 1966)



Maurice Roy and his brother Marcel started distributing milk in St-Jean area in 1928. The business was good and by the end of the first year, they were delivering 600 bottles of milk each day. The dairy was located next to the family's house at 2, Chemin Petit-Bernier, St-Jean.

A few years later, Marcel fell sick and had to stop working. At this point, his brother Donat had to take over. He was an entrepreneur and he decided to build a new, well equiped and more spacious dairy located at 917, St-Jacques Street.

Years went by and the competition grew stronger between dairies. In 1942, Maurice joined the military service and Donat ran the business by himself. When Maurice came back from war, he did not go back to the dairy business. The dairy was finally sold to Granger Dairy in 1966.

Sources: Maurice Roy, 86 years old!
His spouse, Simone Depelteau

Marcel and Maurice Roy, early 30's

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