(1921 - 1972)

Quart and pint - Gilles Pépin
Tappered bottle - Laurier Fluet
42mm cap - Denis Morin

Aluminum, 42mm caps and milk token - Paul Conner

42mm caps - André Daunais

42mm caps - Pierre St-Amand

First 42mm cap - J. G. Comtois
Last 42mm cap - Dale Peacock

Creamer lids - Claude Pelletier

Invoice dated 1932 - Économusée de Charlevoix


Stop Card - Pierre Brouilette

 1954 Calendar  10 X 18 - Pierre St-Amand



In 1921, Louis-Philippe Granger from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu bought a "milk route". That was the biginning of the Granger Dairy. It was situated at 165 Bouthillier St. in St-Jean. Right from the start, Mr. Granger introduced the delivering of milk in bottles!

In the historical of "Reid Dairy" of Châteauguay, it's mentioned that by the end of the 50's, Reid dairy was buying milk from "Granger Frères" of St-Jean! Same thing for Mr. Germain Quintal from "Delson", it looks like he was buying the milk from "Granger Frères" to sell it in Delson.

Source: Quebec Dairy tokens P. 25 and 34

In 1972, Samoisette Dairy acquired the Granger Dairy

Pictures received from Mr. Claude Granger
(Photo1) (Photo2) (Photo3)

Winter milk box - Steve Lussier
Advertising thermometers - Pierre Brouillette

Advertisements are from Charles Mailloux

1937 advertisement - Pierre Cantin

1932 advertisement - Pierre Cantin

First aluminum cap - J. G. Comtois
First 38mm cap - Dale Peacock
Second 38mm cap - L. Riendeau
Last aluminum cap - Steve Lussier

Dairy milk crate - Denis Morin



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