(1913 - 1975)

42mm caps - Robert Benoît
Last 42mm cap - André Daunais

Aluminum & 34mm caps - Paul Conner

42mm cap - André Daunais

Yogourt 67mm cap - Bruno Desjardins


Oder chart - Pierre Brouillette


One gallon Ice cream container - Mario Hamel

Advertising mirror 12.5 X 16- Robert benoit

First butter parchment wrapper - Normand Fournier
Last butter parchment wrapper - Denis Morin
(Borden's Dairy made wrappers for the Brookside Dairy)

Dairy plastic crate - Économusée de Charlevoix

Page sent by Cécile Rochette, granddaughter of Théophile Rochette, founder of the " Frontenac Dairy "

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