Brookside Dairy (1910 - 1944)
Sold to Borden (1944 -1978)

42mm cap - André Daunais

Bottles - Laurier Fluet
42mm cap - Mario Hamel

42mm caps - J. P. Desjardins

Bottles - Mario Hamel
42mm cap - Paul Huntley

1926 Cream-Top bottle advertisement - Mario Lussier

Lactogourt 68mm cap and advertising plastic cap - Mario Hamel

42mm caps - Brian Freed

Ice cream beaker - Denis Morin

First pint - Ghislain Leblond
Other pints - Mario Hamel
Half pint Vi-Co - Paul Conner
42mm cap - Robert Benoît

42mm caps - J. P. Desjardins

First 42mm cap - Robert Benoît
Second 42mm cap - Brian Freed
Third 42mm cap - Paul Huntley

1936 ads - Pierre Cantin

Butter parchment wrapper - Denis Morin
(Parchment wrapper made for the Brookside Dairy)

Product lists - Jetbeauce

In 1909, J.A. Corrigan of Quebec decides to pasteurize the milk of its own herd. After two years, its constantly increasing trade, the production of its own herd is not sufficient any more to cover the request. He thus decides to buy the milk of other suppliers. Ensured of a considerable quantity of milk, he builds its own factory of pasteurization which will become the BrooksideDairy.

In 1944, the Brookside Dairy is acquired by the Borden's Dairy.
(Information is from Mr. Robert Caron, ex-worker for Borden's)

Page sent by Cécile Rochette, granddaughter of Théophile Rochette, founder of the " Frontenac Dairy "

1939 invoice - Helen Kerfoot

Brookside Dairy song - Pierre St-Amand

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