Arctic Dairy
(1914 - 1967)


In 1904, at the age of 18, Mr. Jules Gingras started to sell the milk from his own herd in the streets of Quebec City. With a steady growth, by 1914 it became necessary to expand; so the "Quebec Dairy" who already was making "Arctic" products, was founded.  This Dairy was the first one in Quebec City to pasteurize milk.

By 1925 four floors were added to the original building. The next expansion took place in 1930, which doubled the surface area, and with progress, other additions and extensions were added. In 1956, they moved in a new building on Charest Boulevard and changed name for "Arctic Dairy".

At the age of 70, Mr. Gingras handed over the operations and managing to his two sons Paul and Jean-Louis; Paul was the president of the Dairy. In 1967 the dairy was sold to "Laval Dairy" (owned by the Côté family in Quebec). Today the territory is covered by Natrel Inc.

Sources: Mr. Jules Gingras grandson of Jules Gingras the founder.

Page sent by Cécile Rochette, granddaughter of Théophile Rochette, founder of the " Frontenac Dairy "


Bottles - Mario Hamel

Quart - Danny Currie
First pint - André Daunais
Second pint  - Denis Morin

First pint - Pierre St-Amand
Second 1/2 pint  - Denis Morin


First 42mm cap - Helen Kerfoot
Second 42mm cap - André Daunais
Third 42mm cap - Laurier Fluet
Fourth 42mm cap - Paul Conner

First 42mm cap and aluminum cap - Mario Hamel
Third 42mm cap - Dale Peacock
Fourth 42mm cap - Brian Freed


42, 34 and 28mm caps - Robert Benoît

First Advertising plastic cap  - Paul Conner
Second Advertising plastic cap  - Robert Benoît


Arctic Dairy patch   - Paul Conner
Dairy token - Paul Conner 

Advertsing Blotter   - Bruno Desjardins


1937 Advertising calendar - Robert Benoît


Advetising book of matches - Jean Bouchard



Advertising book of matches - Claude Pelletier ----»


Advertising Arctic clock - Bruno Desjardins



Sign from Quebec Bell Telephone book dated 1941 - Réjean Matte

Advertising Arctic neon sign - Bruno Desjardins


Dixie cup Ice cream container - Pierre Brouillette



 Dixie Ice cream beaker - Denis Morin
Dixie Ice cream beaker lid - Économusée de Charlevoix 

 First Plastic 1 Qt Ice Cream Container cover - Leopold Guay
Second Plastic 3 Pt Ice Cream Container cover - Leopold Guay



 First 1 Gallon Ice cream cardboard container  - Leopold Guay

Second  1 Gallon Ice cream cardboard container  - Pierre St-Amand

Third  1 Gallon Ice cream cardboard container  - Pierre Brouillette

Forth  1 Gallon Ice cream cardboard container  - Dan Mailloux

Egg carton  - Simon Lefebvre


Hockey ad 1951-52 - Gaston Gravel

Ad newspaper 1955 - Pierre Cantin

Old Arctic sign - Steve Lussier
Arctic sign - Laurier Fluet

Advertsing Promo Pin button - Pierre Brouilette

                                            Ice cream Arctic sign - Helen Kerfoot                                                  Advertising fan (Nothing on reverse) - Robert Benoît


Invoice - Paul Connor

Milk can Tag - Robert Benoit

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