(1933 - 1963)

Bottles - Denis Morin

42mm cap - Claude Aubé

5 cents STORE BOTTLE - Click on bottles to see reverse!
Quart and pint - Denis Morin
Half pint - Steve Lussier


STORE BOTTLE -Click on pint to see the reverse!
Quart - Denis Morin
Pint - Denis Morin


42mm cap - Claude Aubé

42mm caps - Paul Conner

42mm caps - Brian Freed

42mm caps - Robert Benoît

Hood caps - Dale Peacock
Dairy's address : 730, 14th Avenue Lachine

First Sour Cream cap - Paul Conner
Second Sour Cream cap - Pierre St-Amand

Sour Cream caps - Robert Benoit

Milk can delivery tag - Pierre Brouillette

Milk delivery truck 1933 - Robert Benoît

Milk delivery truck - Gaston Gravel

In 1963, the dairy was sold to "Dominion Dairies"

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