Cartierville Dairy
(1921 - 1953)
" James Fisher Prop. "

42mm cap - Bruno Desjardins

Mr. James Fisher, milkman from Cartierville (1929-30)
Picture taken on Gouin Blvd. in front of Sacré-Coeur hospital.
Picture - Mr. Robert Laurin friend of Mr. James Fisher

Mr. Arthur Corbeil delivering milk with the "Cartierville Dairy" sleight.
Mr. Corbeil was working for Mr. James Fisher. (Picture - Mr. Robert Laurin)

Quart - Denis Morin
Pint - Mario Hamel
Half pint - Robert Benoît

Pints and half pint - Robert Benoît

Quart - Danny Currie
Pint - Réal Morency

The last pint could belong to another "Cartierville Dairy". Mr. Laurin remembers another dairy that was situated on Guertin St. in Cartierville. The owner of this last dairy was " William Fisher " he said.

Two addresses are registered for the " William Fisher Dairy " :
12 278 Guertin and 12 180 Bois de Boulogne. Phone BYwater 1737
(Dairy registered for the years 1937 to 1949)

Searches for " James Fisher "
Three addresses : 5957 Blvd. Monkland (1921 - 1928)
12,217 Blvd. O'Brien (1929 - 1946)
12,235 Blvd. O'Brien (1947 - 1953)
Note : After 1953, James Fisher is still in the Lovell's
but the word "Milkman" does not show!

Searches : Gilles Legault

Trucks used by Mr. Fisher to deliver the milk. (Pictures - Robert Laurin)
As you can read on trucks, the dairy was situated 12217, O'Brien Blvd.
and the phone number was : BY 1075.

Mr. James Fisher and his spouse were born in England. The couple had a daughter. They started the milk business in 1920 or 1921 and sold it to the "Hope Dairy" around 1960. Mr. Fisher passed away at the end of the 80's.

Source : Mr. Robert Laurin, one of the best friend of Mr. James Fisher!

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