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Voiture de livraison jouet - Olivier Denis

Panier de laitier, 8 pintes

Panier 16 chopines

Panier de laitier, 12 chopines

Boîte de crémettes pour restaurants

Caisse de bois, 20 chopines

Panier 2 pintes

Panier 4 pintes

Printing Dies for milk caps / Matrice d'impression pour bouchons - Steve Lussier

Bouteilles (jus de fruits) livrées par nos laitiers

Livre "Table de calcul rapide pour Beurreries et Fromageries.
"EDEAL" Minute Pay Table for Butter & Cheese Factories.
Envoi de Olivier Denis

Annonce de 1916 pour beurriers - Pierre Cantin

Document 1942 - Pierre Cantin

Publicité - Steve Lussier

EZE-ORANGE CO Fruit concentrates. James Wilson Prop.
1570 Iberville. En opération de 1936 à 1941.
Source : Montreal Lovell`s Directory - (Recherches : Gilles Legault)

Toutes les photos sont de Denis Morin

For most people chocolate milk in the dairy section of food stores is as basic as butter and cheese but that just isn't the case. Vi-Co came on the scene in Western Canada in the early to mid fifties, I am guessing it was 1954 or 55 when I first tasted what was a very expensive canned beverage. Vi-Co was sold in a brown metal can that was 6.5 ounces and you had to use a can opener to put a hole in the top. It was thirty-five cents and at the time a 9 ounce coke was twelve cents, so it was considered a luxury item.

Initially Vi-Co was an American brand name and was being imported, but a couple of years after its introduction onto the market, Co-op Dairies purchased the name and began selling Vi-Co in the grocery stores. I recall seeing it sold in round paper containers and glass pint returnable bottles. I was amazed to see a full quart bottle of it.

I was amazed recently to see strawberry, banana and other less memorable flavoured milks in convenience stories and now the old and familiar Vi-Co competes with a whole range of other chocolate milks, some of which claim to be milk shakes and some carry candy bar name brands.

Searches : Paul Huntley

Calendrier 1903 - Steve Lussier

La R.A. Lister Co. Ltd  est originaire de Dunsley en Angleterre. Cette compagnie qui fabrique des séparateurs à crème,
date début 1900. Son siège social pour le Canada était à Smith Falls Ontario avec des succursales dans plusieurs villes
du Canada dont une à Montréal et une autre à Québec avec la Dominion Dairy Supply J. De L. Tache Québec.
(Informations : Robert Benoît)

Gauche : Séparateur de crème (Musée Louis-Hémon de Péribonka)
Droite : Tranche à fromage (Collection Alarie, Fromagerie de la Table Ronde de Ste-Sophie)
Photos de Robert Caron

Balance pour boîtes de beurre - Économusée de Charlevoix

Bouchons publicitaires des restaurants
Restaurant advertising caps

Bouchons 34mm caps - Robert Benoît

Crémiers de gauche et de droite - André Daunais
Crémier du milieu - Dale Peacock

Creamers and searches - Dale Peacock

Couvre-bouteilles / Bottle cover

Couvre-bouteilles - Bottle cover - Économusée de Charlevoix

Couvre-bouteilles utilisé pour prévenir le gel du lait en hiver.
(Efficace pour quelques heures)

Bottle cover used to prevent milk from freezing in winter.
(Efficient for a few hours only)

Entre 1940 et 1965, ce genre de réservoir servait à désinfecter les trayeuses avec une solution de chlore.
Les inspecteurs exigeaient que les producteurs laitiers utilisent cet appareil quotidiennement.

Panier 4 pintes, 2 chopines et moule à fromage 4"x7" - André Daunais

La bouteille Thatcher... la vraie 1886
Thatcher bottle... the real one 1886

Pictures are from EBay. One was sold in March 2002
$1,000.00 Canadian dollars!
See below for detailed description...

Up for bids is a beautiful, early quart milk from the "THATCHER MFG. CO. POTSDAM, N.Y." which is embossed on the bottom! "ABSOLUTELY PURE MILK" is also embossed on the front over a scene of, what looks like, a Quaker milking a cow!

The strike on the cow and the man are somewhat weak which is typical of these bottles. Under the scene is embossed, "THE MILK PROTECTOR" and the other side is embossed in a small slugplate, "TO BE USED ONLY AS DESIGNATED MILK & CREAM JAR".

This bottle has a nice purple cast to it and is in very good condition with just a tiny bit of scratching, no casewear, chips, cracks or potstones! It has its original wire and glass top and has a patent date on the top of "APRIL.27.86". An early tooled topped milk with lots of character! Let me tell you, "THIS IS NOT A REPRODUCTION!!" it's the real deal! What an incredible piece!

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