(1942 - 19??)


In 1938 Mr. Jean Dubois and his brother François, bought the their uncle Mathias Dubois milk route. At the same time, the two brothers were also operating an ice business. In 1942, the two brothers decided to seperate the businesses; François was in charge of the Ice business while Jean officially opened the "Thérésienne Dairy". The new registered dairy was named "Dubois & Frères" and was located at 63 St-Jean Street in Ste-Thérèse. - Informations : Normand Dubois (More to come...)

François at the Ice Business                                                                                                 Pictures are from Normand Dubois


On the first quart, we can read the name Floribert Dubois. On the cap, it shows that the dairy was situated 63, St-Jean St. We also see the name Jean Dubois... The word Frère(s) is written on the second quart, means that there were several brothers!

Also, on Moderne Dairy bottles of Ste-Thérèse, it shows L. & P. Dubois Prop. ! More searches have to be done on that dairy!


Series 1

First quart - Paul Huntley


Series 2

Second quart - Steve Lussier
Pint - Danny Currie


Series 3


Half gallon size bottle - Robert Benoît

42mm cap - Sylvie Côté

  first 42mm cap - Paul Conner
Last 42 mm caps - Marcel Paquette

42 mm caps - Leopold Guay


32mm cap - Pierre St-Amand

Aluminum cap  - Paul Conner


Uniform Crest  - Robert Benoit

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