A. St-Aubin Dairy
(1928 - 1949)

In 1949, St-Aubin Dairy sold his five milk routes to the St-Laurent Dairy Farm but
St-Aubin continued with the Ice Cream business.
Information : Réal Berthelet

St-Aubin Ice Cream business in St-Jérôme (Semptember 1948) Click on the Ice Cream cone!
Sent by Pierre Cantin (Photo is from Conrad Poirier)

Quart and pints - Steve Lussier

Quart and first half pint - Steve Lussier
Second half pint (nothing on back) - Paul Conner

First 42mm cap - Robert Benoît
Second 42mm cap - André Daunais
Last 42mm cap - J. P. Desjardin

Picture - Marcel Paquette
Book of matches - Robert Benoît
(On the book of matches, places where the dairy was doing business)

Addresses : 100, St-Mathieu Mtl (Cap), 103 Ed.Laurin Blvd. Ville St-Laurent (Cap & book of matches)
1845 Ed. Laurin Blvd. Ville St-Laurent (Lovell's)

In 1959, A. St-Aubin listed as an Ice Cream Dealer
Lovell's Directory page scanned by : Gilles Legault

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