St-Alexandre Dairy
(1926 - 1963)

Biography - Sent by Robert Caron

25 years Anniversary invitation card and picture - Charles Mailloux

Christmass time at St-Alexandre Dairy - Charles Mailloux


Bottles - Steve Lussier








Searches and bottles : Collection Denis Morin

Under the bottles, founders initials - Charles Mailloux

1939 Price List - Paul Conner




Advertising ruler - Charles Mailloux

Dairy can - Charles Mailloux

Delivery truck  - Research by  Marcel Bernier


42mm cap - Robert Chartier

First 42mm cap - Gilles Legault
Second 42mm cap - Pierre St-Amand

42mm caps - Robert Benoît

42mm caps - Paul Conner

First 42mm cap - Paul Huntley
34mm cap - Dale Peacock
Last 42mm cap - Pierre St-Amand

First aluminum cap - Charles Mailloux
Amber half pint - Paul Conner
Last aluminum cap - André Daunais

St-Alexandre Dairy had two (Branches) in Montreal :

EAST Depot (1938-1959)
4375, Christophe-Colomb
Tel : LA3-1163
WEST Depot (1938-1975)
6592, Briand
Tel : 768-3313

1950 Advertisement "La Patrie" - Marcel Bernier

1951 Advertisement "Le Petit Jounal" - Robert Caron

Réal Bouthillier the son of Louis Bouthillier
Picture is from Charles Mailloux

42mm and alum. caps
Paul Conner

42mm caps
J. P. Desjardins

Four 42mm caps with letters A B C D - Pierre Gagné

42mm caps - Charles Mailloux

34mm caps - Charles Mailloux


Milkman cap - Gaétan Mercier                        Milkman cap - Robert Benoit

Jacques Quintal was delivering milk at St-Alexandre Dairy
Dairy coupons - Paul Conner

Advertising penciels - Paul Conner

Laurent Bouthillier holding a milk bottle, was in charge of the equipements.
Picture is from Pierrette Bouthillier.



In 1923, Isidore and Louis Bouthillier were distributing non pasterized milk at a rhythm of 20 gallons per day. The next year, the production passed to 200 gallons per day. In 1926, they builded a new dairy just a mille on the east side of St-Alexandre street, near the railroad. This dairy was one of the most important business of the Old Longueuil.

Later on, the management of the business was given to Laurent and Adrienne Bouthillier. The upper level of the dairy warehouse was used as a chapel for Saint-Pierre-Apôtre parish. By the end of 1940, St-Alexandre dairy (Montreal branches and a large part of the production of the Longueuil dairy) have been sold to the Mount-Royal Dairy and finally, in 1963 the remaining of the Longueuil St-Alexandre Dairy was bought by "Mont-St-Hilaire Dairy".

Butter parchment wrapper - Paul Conner

Butter parchment wrapper - Robert Benoit

Cheese boxe - J. P. Desjardins

Advertsing sign Double sided  - Robert Benoit

(Flip side different design, unable to display)

1948 Postcard  - Martin Fournier


Ad seen on a wall situated 4375 Christophe-Colomb Montreal (2009)
We also can see this ad in Google Streets View 360
Picture taken by Charles Mailloux

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