Fernand BEAUPRÉ Prop.

42mm caps - Robert Benoît

Aluminum and 42mm caps - Paul Conner
Last aluminum cap - Pierre St-Amand

Aluminum caps - Denis Morin

Advertising plastic cap - Danny Currie
38mm cap - Pierre St-Amand
34mm cap - Dale Peacock
Dairy coupon "Roland Archambault" - Steve Lussier
J. C. Forest might be a milkman working for "Sanitaire Dairy".
He might have a milk route in the area of St-Jacques! Modifications will be made if the real story shows differently!

First creamer lid - Robert Benoît
Last creamer lid - Pierre St-Amand


Advertising Cake knife - Paul Conner


                                                      Le Portage 1949 Advertising - Pierre Cantin

Wood and metal crate - Jacques Fauvelle

Wood and metal crate  Gallon- Andre Chenette



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