Laiterie Royala
(1963 ... )

Dolorèse Giguère et Gilles Roy (Fondateurs)


Quart - Laurier Fluet
Pint - Paul Conner



Quart - Laurier Fluet
Pint - Paul Conner




 60 th Anniversary 2016 Quart - Laiterie Royala

Artwork conception by Robert Benoit


42mm cap
Économusée de Charlevoix

 Cap  42mm - Leopold Guay


First 2 Caps  42mm - Robert Benoît

 Last 2  Caps  42mm - Paul Conner


42mm caps - Robert Benoît


In 1956, Gilles Roy and his father Louis-Philippe, acquired "Sévigny Dairy" which will become "Royala Dairy" when Gilles becomes the only owner in 1963. His father Louis-Philippe (name shows on back of bottles), his grandfather Alfred and his grand-grandfather Augustin were also in the dairy production since they were milkman and cheese-maker.

Gilles Roy was an extremely active businessman who implied himself largely in his community of St-Joseph de Beauce. Thus, at the commercial and industrial level, he occupied several presidencies: President of Industrial Co-operative Association (1970-74), President of the Company of the housing of St-Joseph (1975-83), President of the Agricultural cooperative Company of St-Joseph (1983) and President of the Gilbert Cheese Dairy of St-Joseph (1996-97).

Even if he retired in 1995, today Gilles still active and he is of a great help for the family. Lets remember that Gilles maried Dolorèse Giguère October 13, 1951 and they had 13 children!

Gilles was also greately involved socialy and culturaly. He contributed to advance several committees of work: he was President of the Festivals of the 250th of St-Joseph de Beauce (1987), member of the Committee of the Theater of the Drudgery (1994-96) and actor at this same theater in 2001. Since 2000, he is the director of the Association of Roy Families of Beauce.

Gilles was also marguiller (1974-77) and mayor of the parish of St-Joseph de Beauce (1985-1993).

Source: Internet "Association des Familles Roy de St-Joseph de Beauce"

Creamer lids - Robert Benoît

Dairy crates and basket of Royala bottles - Denis Morin

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