(1913 - 1977)


First 42mm caps - Robert Benoît

Second 42mm caps - Leopold Guay

42mm caps - Robert Benoît

42mm cap - Laurier Fluet

42mm & aluminum caps - Paul Conner

First token - André Daunais
Last two tokens - Steve Lussier

First window card - Pierre St-Amand
Second window card - Paul Conner

Restaurent Menu cover  - Pierre St-Amand

Advertising thermometer - Paul Conner
Cola soft drink and bookmark - Éric Boisvert

Advertising pencil - Paul Conner

1976 invoices - Économusée de Charlevoix

Dairy milk crates - Denis Morin


Dairy milman uniform hat - DPierre Brouillette


From 21 De Lanaudière, the dairy moved to 275, Boul. Hamel. Same address as Citadel Dairy, maybe after the acquisition. Year ? 21 De Lanaudière is listed to Begin Dairy in a 1941 Quebec directory!

In 1975, the City Dairy was the first one in North America to market the Grand Pré milk. This brand of milk can last for long time without refrigeration.

In 1977, Purdel and Agrinove bought the City Dairy and sold it to "Laval Dairy" in 1980. The selling toke place after Agrinove moved the UHT milk operations (Grand Pré Milk) to his factory in Ste-Claire. A few years later, Agropur and Purdel merged to become Natrel.

Today, Agrinove does not exist like so. Kerry (Québec) Inc. acquired the Ste-Claire factory in June 16, 2004. Kerry is an Irish Company doing businesses in other ingredients, flavors, etc...

Sources : Mrs. Léna Rouillard and Mr. Claude Lambert

Page sent by Cécile Rochette, granddaughter of Théophile Rochette, founder of the " Frontenac Dairy "

Plastic creamer lids - Claude Pelletier

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