Zouave Dairy
(1909 - 1929)
" Imperial Ice Cream Company "
(1907 - 1909)

In 1907  the "Imperial Ice Cream Company" opens its door at 1 Montee du Zouave. Mr. Ernest Cousins is selling milk to this company and the next year takes on the task of helping to manage it. By 1909 Ernest has enough experience and money saved that he buys the Imperial Ice Cream Company, moves it to 31 Montee du Zouave and changes the name to "Ernest Cousins Ltd. - Zouave Dairy"  (named for the street it was located on ('Montee du Zouave').

The dairy soon would expand and move to 18 Montee du Zouave. The actual "Zouave Dairy" existed from 1909 till 1929. A year after Ernest Cousins Limited Dairy moved to 175 Colborne Street the name "Zouave Dairy" was dropped and the name "Ernest Cousins Ltd Dairy", became the name that most are familiar with.

Source : Patrick Hilborn, collector of "Ernest Cousins Dairy" items.

The Street or Montée du Zouave was and still is today a short Street "Dead End". It is situated beside 2116, St-Denis Street between Sherbrooke and Ontario Streets. Today it is called Terrasse St-Denis.

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