The St-Laurent Dairy Coy.
(1903 - 1917) Montreal
(1927 - 1931) Ville St-Laurent

January 16, 1903 ad - Pierre Gagné

Searches in Montreal Lovell's directories : La Cie de Laiterie St-Laurent F. X. A. Trudel, Manager, 21 St-Peter St. Montreal (1907-1917).
After 1917, it looks like the Company quited Montreal to show up in Ville St-Laurent, 33 St-Mathieu St. (1927 - 1931).

Address in Lovell : 33 St-Mathieu St. Ville St-Laurent.
(1927-1931) La Cie de Lairerie St-Laurent
(1931-1934) Nouvelle Laiterie St-Laurent Ltée
(1934-1936) Laiterie St-Laurent Enrg
Information : Gilles Legault

Quart - Steve Lussier
Pints - Denis Morin

Business enveloppe - Gilles Legault
(Address : 21-23 St-Pierre Street, Montreal)

Milk cap Pick - Pierre St-Amand

In 1924, St-Peter St. is renamed St-Pierre St. As we can see on the enveloppe, the Dairy already started before 1924 to use the french name. The address on the enveloppe is the last address known of this Dairy in Montreal.

In 1917, it's the " The De Laval Co Ltd Dairy " that came to occupied this address.
Searches : Gilles Legault

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