Maple Dairy * Maple Leaf Dairy
(1903 - 1912)

Maple Dairy is mentioned under the name of Maple Leaf Dairy, 146 Mountain St. in Montreal for the years 1903-04 and 1904-05 in the Montreal Lovell's. The name W.T. Lyster is also mentioned as the owner. After a few years we lose trace of the business. ( See also : W. J. Lyster ?? )

Lovell’s  1903-04 et 1904-1905

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From 1909 to 1911, the Maple Dairy is back and situated 664 Gilford St.
The owners are the Miller brothers

Lovell's 1909- 1910

In 1911-12, the same dairy situated the same address is mentioned but only J.A. Miller is known as the owner. In 1912, the Dairy is sold to Mr. Croisetière and Mr. Desbiens and the name is changed for Ste-Rose Dairy Co.

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