Delisle Yogurt
(1931 - 1997)

Book cover " CÚlÚbration du Yogourt " 113 pages, de Victor-LÚvy Beaulieu - Gilles Legault
Yogurt jar - Gilles Legault

(1933-1953) Yogourt Delisle "Digestive Food" 966 Duluth East, Phone: AM-0434
(1953-1965) Yogourt Delisle "Digestive Food" 5275 Berri, Phone: CR-4-0434


Jude Delisle went into business in the early 1930's. Starting out as a cottage industry, his fresh dairy product business began to really expand with the construction of a plant in Boucherville in 1968...

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Metal sticker - Pierre St-Amand

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