Mc Ewen Milk Co Limited (1911 - 1928)
On May 1st, 1928, Elmhurst Dairy, acquired all the Capital Stock of the Mc Ewen Milk Co.
Annex Dairy (1928 - 1931)
" John Mc Ewen Prop. "

Photo - Alan McEwen, grandson of John McEwen

John McEwen is buried in the Georgetown Protestant Cemetery in Howick. I believe he died in July 1914, after which the dairy was sold. Here is a picture of one of the delivery wagons, possibly taken near the Outremont address. Note the name and phone number. Would appreciate it if anyone could identify the two men standing in the back. One of them might be my father, Donald Lockerby McEwen. Alan McEwen

Quart - Steve Lussier
Half pint - Robert Benoît

Pint - Robert Benoît
Half pint - Danny Currie

Address : 2826, Hutchison Mtl
Phone numbers : Rockland 1469 untill 1923
St. Louis 406 and Atlantic 1469 untill 1931

Sources : Robert Benoît and Dale Peacock collectors

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