Moderne Dairy
(1947 - 1962)
" H. Deschamps Prop. "

Mr. Deschamps is the founder of the Dairy. A few years later, the boiler exploded and went right through the roof making a huge dammage. Mr. Deschamps did not have the money to rebuild the dairy so he had to sell it. Mr. Dubuc and Bouchard were the buyers. - Information is from Marcel Pouliot, Moderne Dairy milkman ( See picture at bottom)

Page of the 1950 Beauharnois Yearbook - André Thibeault

The Dairy in 1962

Moderne Dairy workers name
Ads from newspaper - Claude Pelletier

42mm caps - Robert Benoît

Bottles from Valleyfield show "Moderne Dairy" on them! As Beauharnois and Valleyfield are adjacent cities, it might be the same dairy bottling milk for an independant milkman making distribution in Valleyfield.

In 1962, Moderne Dairy have been sold to Victoria Dairy "St-Lambert".

Aluminum and 42mm caps - André Daunais

Aluminum ruler - Mario Boisvert

Thermometer - Robert Benoit


Moderne Dairy truck, picture taken 1962 - Claude Pelletier

Mr. Marcel Pouliot milkman. Picture taken in 1971.
Mr. Pouliot worked for Moderne Dairy during 17 years.

Laiterie Moderne has been sold to Victoria Dairy St-Lambert (1962),
then to Leclerc Dairy (see the note at rear of the Leclerc dairy truck),
then to Québec-Lait that became Québon (Agropur)

Dairy token - Danny Currie

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