La Mauricie Cooperative Dairy
(June 12th 1941-19??)

1941 ad - Pierre Cantin

Dairy milk crates - Denis Morin

Marron Set

Quart - Paul Conner
Pint - Steve Lussier
Half pint - Denis Morin
42mm cap - André Daunais

42mm caps and aluminum caps - Danny Currie

Black set

First quart - André Daunais
Pint - Paul Conner
Half pint - Robert Benoît
Last quart (kid with frickles) - Bruno Desjardins

Quart - Laurier Fluet
Modern creamer lid - Claude Pelletier
Address on the creamer lid : 482, Frigon Street, Shawinigan

Dairy coupons - Robert Benoît
Mr. Georgeff was probably a milkman working for the Mauricie Co-operative

1951 ad - Pierre Cantin

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