(1941 - 19??)

Historical page (1957) - André Charette

Maurice Rodrigue and Antonin Lussier
(2 owners untill 1944)

Quart - Robert Benoît
Pint - Laurier Fluet
Half pint - Pierre St-Amand
Last half pint - Paul Conner

First two quarts - Paul Conner
Third quart - Robert Benoît
Last quart - Laurier Fluet

First two pints - Robert Benoît
Half pint - Paul Conner
Last pint - Laurier Fluet

Antonin Lussier
(In 1944, becomes single owner)

First quart and pint - Paul Conner
Second quart  - Robert Benoît

Magog set

Bottles - Paul Conner




38mm cap - Claude Lamothe

42mm cap - Robert Benoît

42mm  Cap - Paul Conner

42mm caps - Danny Currie
34mm cap - Pierre St-Amand
Last 34mm cap - André Daunais
(For a short period of time, Magog Dairy bottled the milk for Purdy's)

Aluminum cap - J. G. Comtois

2nd aluminum caps - Paul Conner

Creamer lids - Robert Benoît

Milk tokens - André Daunais

Dairy Token - Paul Conner

Dairy Token - Danny Currie

Magog Dairy acquired "Fairview Dairy Farm" from Lennoxville in 1974.

Ice Cream support- Pierre St-Amand


Dairy milk crates - Denis Morin

By the end of 70's start fo 80's, "Magog Dairy "becomes "Estrie-Lait".
(Information : Robert Benoît)

Advertising ruler - Paul Conner

Uniform patch  - Paul Conner

advertising matches booklet - Paul Conner

Estrie-lait announcement card - Paul Conner

Window card - Steve Lussier

Estrie-lait  contest announcement poster - Paul Conner

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