In 1940, Mr. Rosario Pelletier founded La Tuque Dairy situated Scott and St-Antoine in La Tuque.

In 1942, the Dairy  was bought by Mr. Adonias Marchand
(Picture - Gaston Gravel)

Photos and searches - Gaston Gravel

Quart - Mario Lussier
Pint - Danny Currie
42mm cap - Robert Benoît

Sent by Roland Boudrault

1964 and 1976 Advertising calendars - Paul Conner

Cahier spécial conçu pour rendre honneur aux commerçants latuquois. (23 mars 2011)
Searches : Pierre Cantin

Thermometer - Paul Conner

La Tuque Dairy crate - Pierre Cantin

Cardboard liter - Pierre Cantin
Half gallon dairy coupons - Pierre St-Amand

Years later, the Dairy was bought by Mr. Jim Villeneuve, the accountant and confidant of Mr. Adonias Marchand.

Mr. Jim Villeneuve became the owner of "La Tuque Dairy"
 With Jacques Villeneuve, Pierre-Etienne Villeneuve, Jean-Marc Marchand and Narcisse Charest.

approx. 1980

(Photo  & research - Gaston Gravel)


Creamer lid and thermometers - Robert Benoît

Sent by Pierre Cantin


1986 Advertising  -  Pierre Cantin


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