(1927 - 2005)

First butter parchment wrapper - Robert Benoît
Second butter parchment wrapper - André Daunais

In 1927, Armand Lafrenière founded the Lafrenière Butter factoryin the North of the Quebec province. Between 1950 and 1960, the butter factory expanded acquiring several existing small butter factories in northern villages. "Dallaire Dairy" was one of the Dairy acquired in 1973!

The Lafrenière butter factory is now sold. A few weeks ago, stocks of "Lafrenière" butter have been sold and Lafrenière butter factory will be pass to history. Lafrenière butter was one of the best butter ever made in Quebec but the customers were simply not there!. The butter was made from the best quality cream of the Témiscamingue milk producers. "Lafrenière butter factory" lived from 1927 to 2005 but now the business is sold to "Parmalat Laverlochère" and we still make the best butter in Quebec...

Information : Mr. Mirko Bastien

Butter parchment wrapper - André Daunais

Amos butter was made by Lafrenière Butter Factory in Laverlochère.

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