Cherry-Bank Dairy
(1958 - 1965)

Quart - Dale Peacock
Pint and half pint - Thelma Lang
42mm cap - Helen Kerfoot

Alvin McArthur in a delivery truck (Son of Allister McArthur)


The dairy was owned and operated by Allister McArthur. Howick Qc. The milk was produced by his Cherry-Bank Ayrshire cows. When the dairy opened, in 1958, it was equipped to handle 5000 quarts daily. The first deliveries were made to Howick householders, later including Châteauguay and Beauharnois. The business continued until the mid 60's.

Source : Mrs. Thelma Lang

34mm caps - Helen Kerfoot

First 34mm cap - Bruno Desjardins
Last 34mm cap - Pierre St-Amand

Cherry-Bank Dairy coupon - Robert Benoît

Cherry-Bank Dairy coupon sheet- Robert Benoît

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