(1919 - 19??)

First 42mm cap - Marie Joncas
Second 42mm cap - Robert Benoît
Last 42mm cap - Mario Hamel

42mm caps - J. P. Desjardins

42 & 28mm caps - Paul Conner

42mm caps - Daniel Gagnon

First & Second 42mm caps - André Daunais
Last 42mm cap - Pierre-Yves

42mm cap - Andre Chenette

Ice cream beaker lid
Pierre St-Amand

Aluminum caps
Pierre St-Amand

Ice cream beaker lid
Paul Conner

70mm Ice cream beaker lids - Pierre Gagné
Right lid : Take 2 lids (same picture) place them in the "Stereo Starviewer" and see the 3D picture!
To get the Stereo Starviewer, send 0.25 cents, name and address to Dixie...

Before the Television and the Viewmaster we had the "Stereoscope". A stereograph picture was made of two photographs, pasted side by side, which had been taken from two nearly, but not exactly, the same perspective. The stereoscopic viewer brought the eye to focus on the two pictures as one which presents objects to our brain in three dimensions.

Stereograph sample to be seen with a stereoscope

70mm Ice cream beaker lids (right and left) stereographs - Pierre Gagné
Informations found on internet : Those dairy stereographs lids appeared in 1954
in a collection of 18 différent pictures.

70mm Ice cream beaker lids stereographs - Robert Benoît

Advertising ruler - Paul Conner


Situated on the first floor of a small house, the "Laiterie Fortier" was founded in 1919 by Mr. Edouard Fortier and by 1924 new equipment was installed and the second floor was used by the dairy. The dairy grew at a steady pace until 1930 with the arrival of the depression era. Between 1930 and 1934, the dairy encontered some hard times, and in order to survive, it had to make enormous sacrifices.

In 1935, the dairy was reorganised and operated under a new platform until 1937. By then with the revenues still low, the management decided to sell all the company shares. On june 27, 1937 Mr. Marcel Fortier, the founder's son, bought the dairy. After a few years of difficulties, the dairy was able to take it's place on the market of Lévis. Badly needing new equipment and more space, Mr. Fortier was forced to expand; so a new building was erected in 1944, and by june 1st 1946, the dairy was in operation in this modern establishment. Later on the dairy has been sold to Laval Dairy from Quebec city.

Ice Cream Container 2 1/2 Gal    - Simon Lefebvre


Metal sign - Steve Lussier



First Royale Ice cream sign - Bruno Desjardins
Second  Ice cream sign  24" X 30"  - Laurier Fluet


Dairy tags - Danny Currie
Dairy token - Marcel Côté
Mr. Côté worked 33 years at Fortier and Laval dairies.

Ice cream wood spoon - Denis Morin




First thermometer - Pierre Gagné
Second thermometer - Gaston Gravel
Thermometer wiith 1943 calendar - Denis Morin
Mr. PAUL BLANCHETTE was delivering milk at the Fortier Dairy.

1942 Invoice - Helen Kerfoot 

 1939 Invoice - Robert Benoît

1948 Invoice - Pierre St-Amand

Products card - Paul Conner


Advertising coloring book  - Pierre St-Amand

Jacket crest   8 X 11 - Richard Doré

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