P. E. Leclerc


(1953 - 1973)


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The founder of the dairy, Mr. Paul-Émile Leclerc was a farmer maried to Cécile Matte. They had two kids, Simon and Gaston. The farm was situated on L'Enfant-Jésus road at Cap-Santé. Mr. Leclerc started the business with the opening of a milk route  in 1953. He first had help from De Laval Cie. who supplied  him the necessary material to start the business.

His nephew Raymond Laroche from St-Basile, helped on the farm and was also deliverint raw milk with his 4 doors Meteor truck 1950. The back seat was removed to make room for milk bottles. He was delivering in Cap-Santé, Jacques-Cartier and Donnacona. In winter, he had to cover bottles with a blanket because everything was freezing.

In summer vacation, Gaston that was 10-12 years old, liked very much to help Mr. Laroche delivering the milk. During this period, Mrs Leclerc skimmed the surplus of milk with an extractor and this surplus was sold on the next saturday at Lac-St-Joseph, Lac-Sergent and Portneuf. This was an extra delivery, the 7th working day of the week!

At starts, the quart of milk was sold 18 1/2 cents. When the milkman was back with the empty bottles, Mrs Leclerc, sometime helped by Gaston, washed all bottles so everything would be clean for the next day.

In the last years of the business, eggs and meat that was produced on the farm was also sold on the milk route. When Mr. Laroche left, Mr. Leclerc tooke over for a while but he had to close the business in 1973.

Sources :Gaston Leclerc son of M. P.E. Leclerc, Borromée Leclerc, Marie-Jeanne Leclerc and Luce Leclerc.

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