(19?? - 1946)
" Joseph Forget Prop. "

Embossed quart and quart with embossed collar - Denis Morin
Embossed pint - Olivier Denis
Quart with embossed letters - Paul Conner
42mm cap - Danny Currie

Laiterie Laurentienne
(1927 - 19??)
" J. Forget Prop. "

Bottles - Laurier Fluet
42mm cap - Steve Lussier

"Laiterie Laurentienne!" Where does that name come from ?

First -  Ltee. 42mm cap   - Paul Conner
Second Ltd. 42mm cap - Pierre St-Amand

42mm and aluminum caps - Paul Conner

42, 38 and 34mm caps - André Daunais

First 42mm cap - Denis Morin
Second 42mm cap - André Daunais
Aluminum cap - Pierre Simoneau

1969 calendar - Robert Benoît

F. Locas dairy token - Frank Carreira
R. Gagnon dairy token - Marcel Paquette

Dairy milk crates - Denis Morin

Creamer lid - Robert Benoît


The St-Jérôme Creamery was founded in 1927 by Joseph Forget. Maybe the first name Mr. Forget used was "Laiterie Laurentienne"? At the time, milk was carried door to door in a can aboard a horse-drawn wagon. Milk was taken directly from the can to fill customer's bottles. The daily production was of an average of 25 quarts per day.

To answer to customer demand, in 1933 a new pasteurization plant was built. As the business was doing well, another expansion took place in 1939, which is the actual site of the "Casavant Dairy". Here we can talk about "Casavant Dairy" because Mr. Fernand Casavant became owner of the St-Jérôme Dairy on April 1st, 1946.

To be noted that at that time, "St-Jérôme Creamery" started to have contracts to bottle milk for other dairies like "Lemay Dairy" of Brownsburg.

Historical continued under "Casavant Dairy"

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