(1921 - 19??)

Pint - Denis Morin
First aluminum cap - J. G. Comtois
Second aluminum cap - Roger Audet
42mm cap - Robert Benoît

42mm caps - Paul Conner

Mr. Choinière 1964 invoice - Gaston Gravel


In association with Mr. Alder Martel, Mr. Georges Choinière started in the dairy industry in 1921, with the acquisition of the "Beurrerie de Farnham". Because of the very little schooling that he had, an extra effort and courage was needed from him in this new adventure. In 1924, Mr. Choinière became the sole proprietor, by purchasing his partner's share. In 1930, the purchase of a milk route gave him the opportunity to start in the pasteurization of milk. Hi sold this milk and his butter to the small community of Farnham. In 1945 a new, "Trudel" brand, pasteurizer was installed, also a refrigerator made by "Frick". These two additions made the dairy more modern and efficient. In 1946 was introducted a new product, that of "caséine", and by 1948 a new bassin and washer were installed. This dairy was acquired in 19?? by laiterie Granger of St-John.

Source: Quebec Dairy tokens' book

1958 ad - Pierre Cantin

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