(1914 - 1967)


1 St Series

Quart and half pint - Jim Eplett


2 nd Series

Half gallon bottle - Richard Avery
Quart and pint - Paul Conner
Half pint - Denis Morin


1 Liter carton  - Robert Benoit

28mm Creamer cap - David Ménard
Creamer  - Robert Benoit

Dairy Token  - David Ménard



First 34mm cap - Richard Avery
Second 34mm cap - Paul Conner

34mm caps - Dale Peacock

Milk cap 32mm  - David Ménard

Ice Cream  Dixie-Cup  - David Ménard


Ice Cream  Dixie-Cup Spoon (Obverse & Reverse) O.W.D. Co Can Quebec - David Ménard


Ice Cream  Dixie-Cup Spoon (Obverse & Reverse) Lewis Grand-Mere- David Ménard

50th Anniversary medal - E. B. / Plastic cap - André Chenette


First Ice cream sign -Économusée Charlevoix
Second Ice cream sign - Paul Huntley
last Advertising Thermometer - David Menard

In 1967, the dairy was bought by "Dallaire Dairy".


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