(1908 - 1997)

Trois-Rivières Creamery (Archives Séminaire St-Joseph) - Sent by Pierre Cantin

Quart and pint - Steve Lussier

First 42mm & 34mm cap - Paul Conner
Last 42mm cap - Brian Freed

Cap picker - Dale Peacock

80oz. bottle and 42mm cap
Denis Morin

Tappered bottle
Paul Conner

33.3 oz bottle and 34mm cap
Denis Morin

Quart, pints and 38mm cap - Denis Morin

Aluminum and 34mm caps - Denis Morin
Last aluminum cap - Pierre St-Amand

Quart, pint (no LTD) and 34mm cap - Denis Morin
Store pint bottle - Mario Allard

Dairy window sign - Dale Peacock
Ice cream container - Jean Bouchard

Ice cream wooded spoon bag, plastic container for milk bag and milk carton holder - Denis Morin

Dixie-cup ice cream container - William Benoit

ink Blotter  - Bruno Desjardins


1946 Advertising calendar - Steve Lussier

1953 Advertising calendar - Steve Lussier

1950 Advertising calendar - Steve Lussier


1 -1965 Advertising calendar - Steve Lussier
2 -1966 Advertising calendar - William Benoit


2 -1971 Advertising calendar - Paul Conner
3 -1962 Advertising calendar - Denis Morin

Jos. Miller Caillette Maskinongé Closing of Caillette 1985 Cascade Shawinigan Sold to Saputo Moderne Creamery
Information "Repères" sent by Paul Conner

Dairy crates - Denis Morin

First creamer lid - Dale Peacock
last two creamer lids - Claude Pelletier

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